Jan 2010

Jan 19th

my hair started falling out the mon after xmas so, we shaved it. we had a lot of fun. not having hair has not bothered me too much. i have a great wig and cute hats and scarves. i thought i would wear a scarf more but i like hats more. still looking for a navy blue one but i have several cute ones now. i never wore hats before, who knew i would like them so much? kelly had more fun than he should have had shaving my head. first we started with a mullett, then the dr phil hair cut and finally got out the bic razor. riley tells me i look silly. she told me she doesnt really like my new hair cut. the other morning she was leaving for preschool and came in to kiss me and my bald head in bed. after giving me a sweet kiss, she turns to leave and says, put your hat on and look silly today. got to love that child! if only the rest of the world really told you what they thought.

Jan 4th 2010
i am still trying to figure out what to expect with chemo. this time around (chemo #2) is kicking my butt. i came down with the stomach flu + chemo + i had to have my IUD out because of the hormones it gives off. i had no idea i would be in so much pain from horrible stomach cramps between all three. i did go out and walk this morning. i actually feel good doing activity but the rest of the day was not as good. i am doubled over with horrible cramping. my appetite is ok, not too hungry. i have not been eating much because of my stomach. this has not been a good week. if i got hit by a bus and ran over it might feel like a massage after my week. lol on a positive note, my chest has healed nicely.

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