so far so good. just finished my 5th treatment, only one to go!! chemo is tough but not as bad as i expected. i think it helps to have a positive attitude and staying busy. i try not to let it take all the fun out of my life. it takes a little more energy than usual but i still go shopping, workout and out with friends on the weekends. i think i would be depressed if i stayed inside resting. i can do that when i am old :). just got back from spending a weekend in san diego. i finally decided to wear my new wig. i don't wear it at home because of fear that one of my kids will pull it off. actually, i think i would just laugh, but around the house it is easier just to wear my scarf. while in san diego, we went to a few museums and stayed in a great hotel overlooking the ocean. a weekend without kids was a great gift. thanks mom! life is good! my friend bought me a clown wig and said she knew i would be the only bald woman brave enough to wear it...and she was right. i love it! i rocked that thing all over san diego. i love making people laugh. wait until they see me in my new shirt that says, chemo ate my eye brows.

Feb 2010
I have been successfully running on my off weeks, but I am getting bored. Last week I ran a 5k race with a group of people on base. I was pushing my 25lb 1 yr old in the jogger. my goal was to run under 30 min without stopping. It took everything I had when I showed up and realized 1/2 the course was off road but I did it without stopping (except to pick up my son's sippy cup he kept throwing out) and under 30 min.
This week I decided to try out a new running club. It was dark, and cold when I got out of car at 6am. I saw a small group of women standing around a picnic table dressed in running clothes. Looks like I am in the right place. I was over to the group and introduce myself. The ladies seemed nice. This was a new group that just started meeting to train for the rock in roll ½ marathon. They were taking turns comparing their “running resumes”. Some had never run an organized race before, others were seasoned runners. I wasn’t sure what I would say when they got around to me. Do I tell them that I have run aver 100 5k races, a few 10 milers, several 10 K races, a couple ½ marathons and one full or do I just tell them I’ve always been a runner and I am just looking for a group to train with to stay motivated? I’ll go with the looking for a running group thing. I also tell them that I am trying to run through chemo so, I don’t really have a goal in mind as far as the pace, I just want to run. Most people were inspired, but there is always that one person in the group. This lady looked at me like I had lost my mind. She was polite, but you could tell by her expression she thought I should be home resting on the couch. Finally, she broke the silence by saying, “don’t you think that is too much”? I politely said, “No, I just do what I can.” The conversation moved on but that comment just fueled my fire. We started off running and I was in the front pack of women. The lady that made the comment was in the group right behind me the entire time. When I started out I didn’t plan to run fast but after the comment about running being too much I felt like I needed to prove myself. So, not only did I run faster than I planned, I ran fast enough to keep that crazy lady behind me the entire time. I really wanted to whip off my scarf and proudly wipe the sweat off my bald head at the finish but I didn’t, I just smiled and thanked everyone for a great run. It felt good to finish and finish strong. I love running. 

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