Dec 2010

Dec 09
i really enjoyed the holidays this yr. it was the best so far. kelly was finally not over seas and riley knew what was going on and was excited about the gifts. he has been deployed for the last 3 yrs during christmas. having him home to see the kids open gifts was a blessing. our tradition is to talk to him over the web cam and coordinate a time to have him see riley open presents. we actually even did this when i had our son. we had kelly on stand by in japan and he had his phone ready waiting for the call. when it was time to push, i called him on speaker phone and he got to hear the babies first cry. anyway, this year we were excited to kick the web cam holiday gift opening tradition to the curb and start a new one. we bought the book, the night before xmas. we got the hard paged version since the kids like to tear pages out and we all piled on rileys bed to read it before bed time. on xmas morning i set the alarm to get up earlier than the early riser, at 5 am and rang jingle bells. riley sat up and thought santa was at the house. after she realized it was xmas she sprinted around the corner to see mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa and all her present. it was by far the best christmas so far.

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